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Quiz: Should I Apply for a Bank Loan?

We know you’re busy.  So here’s an easy way to figure out whether it makes sense to spend the time applying for a small business loan from a bank. Do you own your business property free and clear? If the answer is Yes, you have a reasonable chance of getting a Small Busine
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3 Ways to Increase Auto Detailing Profits

There are an estimated 254.4 million registered cars in America today. It’s not surprising, then, that auto detailing is a such hot industry to get into. There is a huge demand for body work, but that doesn’t make running your business any easier. Cars may have complicated
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4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Business

As the days get longer and the temperature starts to rise, you can start to feel Spring in the air. Spring is a time of renewal and fresh starts. In order to keep your small business at the peak of health, it’s important to “go with the season” and let spring be a ti
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How Does Credit Card Processing Work?

Whether you already accept credit cards or are considering adding that new revenue stream to your business, credit card processing can be confusing. There are a lot of companies offering similar-sounding programs and it can be hard to know who’s who. Khan Academy produced a terr
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What Is A Corporation: A Classic Look at What Makes a Business

It may be a little dated, but it’s an interesting look at the foundations of American entrepreneurship. Find out about the principal forms of business ownership-single proprietorship, partnership and corporation-and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each.
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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Sign

One of the simplest assets of your business is also one you probably overlook. It may seem antiquated in this increasingly technological world, but a humble painted sign is still the most important marketing tool for small businesses who deal with customers face-to-face. While you may
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Increase restaurant profits

4 Ways to Increase Restaurant Profits

While the stock market may be up, things keep looking down on Main Street. Restaurants as hurting worst of all as people often turn to eating out as the first expense they can cut. But this isn’t the end of the world for restaurateurs; small businesses in America are resilient.
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How to get a loan, even when your bank turns you down

How to Appeal a Loan Denial

Your Small Business Loan Was Denied. Now What Do You Do? It’s the worst feeling in the world and one that small business owners dread more than any other: the loan agent at the bank shakes their head and tells that, though they’re very sorry, you haven’t been approve
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Boost Your Auto Repair Business by Fixing Your Waiting Room

How Improving Your Waiting Room Can Boost Your Auto Repair Business

One thing about auto repair businesses that often gets overlooked is first impressions. Your waiting room is the first part of your business your customers will be seeing, and yet is often regarded as an afterthought. Following these five waiting room improvement tips will get you mor
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