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How to get a loan, even when your bank turns you down

How to Appeal a Loan Denial

Your Small Business Loan Was Denied. Now What Do You Do? It’s the worst feeling in the world and one that small business owners dread more than any other: the loan agent at the bank shakes their head and tells that, though they’re very sorry, you haven’t been approve
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Boost Your Auto Repair Business by Fixing Your Waiting Room

How Improving Your Waiting Room Can Boost Your Auto Repair Business

One thing about auto repair businesses that often gets overlooked is first impressions. Your waiting room is the first part of your business your customers will be seeing, and yet is often regarded as an afterthought. Following these five waiting room improvement tips will get you mor
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Cash Advance vs. Small Business Loan

What’s the Difference Between a Small Business Loan and a Merchant Cash Advance?

Running a business isn’t easy. Taking care of customers is difficult enough, but there’s a whole dimension to your business that customers never even see. Inventories need to be restocked, equipment needs to be repaired and upgraded, and staff needs to be paid. There’
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5 Secrets for Running a Successful Bar

People enjoy going to bars and nightclubs as a way to relax after a long day at work. Your bar is a place to unwind, to meet with friends, to watch the big game, and to meet that special someone. But keeping a bar or nightclub running is a much more difficult task than it seems, and b
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The best interview questions you need to ask potential hires

Top 10 Interview Questions to Ask Potential Employees

 Your business has been doing well and you’re looking to expand your overhead. Congratulations! But how do you ensure that you’re hiring the most qualified candidates and not putting yourself at risk of an under-performing or difficult team member? As good as an applicant’s resume may
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How Can My Small Business Increase Its Cash Flow?

Big and small businesses need a good stream of cash flow for a variety of reasons. Any number of emergencies may arise that can stress the financial resources of your business . Equipment can break, vehicles may need emergency repairs, key personnel may leave and temps have to be brou
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Quick Business Loans. Fast.

If you are a small business owner and you have bad credit, you probably have experienced resistance from banks for business loans. They are reluctant to work with small businesses, partly because of repayment concerns if the owner has had previous financial trouble. Businesses that do
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Women business Loans

Small Business Loans for Women with Bad Credit

Start-up businesses multiply in number during economic downturns, and more and more people employed by traditional companies are finding an advantage to starting or buying their own businesses. Women, especially are attracted to the concept of being their own bosses and being in contr
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Loan Strategies for Businesses with Bad Credit

Every business needs capital to run effectively. If you are starting a business with nothing and you have bad credit, you need to follow a process that puts you in the running for financial help. Very few lenders will consider you for any type of loan unless your business appears to b
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