Alternatives to Traditional Quick Business Loans

Need Working Capital Quick?

The day-to-day workings of a business are hectic. No matter what sort of business you run, you will probably have an emergency situation at some point where you need to come up with working capital immediately. Perhaps you’ve suffered from a natural disaster, are unable to make payroll, or need to replace an important piece of equipment or inventory. Whatever your reason, your small business’ crisis mode is no time to be waiting on a bank that doesn’t understand your timeframe. Banks require an extensive application procedure with business plans and financial reports to prove credit worthiness. They may also insist that you post collateral, and even after weeks of consideration you might still be denied.

Quick Business Loans


Try an Alternative to quick Business Loans from Banks

People looking for working capital will be pleased to hear that we offer a simple three step approval process for our advances that is quick and easy. Principis Capital features a one page application that can be pre-approved the same day. The cash can be made available in less than a week – just five to seven days – with the funds being deposited directly in the business’ bank account the same day as approval. Principis Capital specializes in alternatives to quick business loans from banks and has become the leading source of cash advances for small businesses.

Principis Capital has made thousands of alternative to quick business loans from banks to small businesses and we understand the concerns of business owners. That’s why our merchant cash advances are different than bank loans:

  • The emphasis is on the business’ future, not the past.
  • A business plan or financial reports is not required.
  • No Collateral is required.
  • There is not a fixed pay-off date for the advance.
  • Monthly payments are adjusted to match the cash flow of the business.
  • Principis Capital places no restrictions on the use of the cash advanced.
  • Additional funds can be advanced even if there is an outstanding balance on an earlier advance.
  • Principis Capital can establish a line of credit for a business with a frequent need for cash.
  • Cash advances are not reported to the credit rating agencies as loans.
  • Credit rating and borrowing power are not affected.

Quick Business Loans

Principis Capital offers a variety of ways to meet the financial needs of a small business. Explore all of these ways and then discuss your situation with us. Please contact us at Principis Capital and find out how we can help you.

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