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SBA Launches a New Program for Women Contractors

A new program has gone line aimed at helping women-owned small businesses secure more government contracts. Part of the National Defense Authorization Act passed in January removed a standing $6.5 million cap on federal manufacturing contracts and $4 million cap on other federal contr
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Mother Starts Cookie Company In Wake Of Daughter’s Cancer Diagnosis

Why Entrepreneurs Start Small Businesses There are plenty of good reasons to start your own business, but we were especially touched by the story of Laura and Susan Stachler who have a story like no one else
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Reminder: We’re Offering to Build Your Online Profiles FREE!

According to this article from Fox Business, not having a presence online leaves your reputation vulnerable to slander and misinformation. By creating a place for your business online, you can control the conversation as well as lay claim to your name to protect it from competitors.&n
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Long line at McDonald's

McDonald’s New ‘Dual-Point’ Ordering System: Right for Your Restaurant?

Though McDonald’s serves as a sterling example of a well-run franchise, and white it remains one of the most profitable restaurants in the United States today recent years have brought it into a slight decline. An increased desire for healthier alternatives has played a major pa
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Banks Allegedly Used Small Business Funds To Pay Off Bailout

As if you weren’t already angry at banks, new allegations have just come out accusing the banking industry of deliberately misusing taxpayer dollars to pay off their own bailout. When the Troubled Asset Relief Program, better known at TARP, was created in 2008 it was intended to
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2013 State of Women Owned Businesses Infographic

2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses

NAWBO, the National Associate of Women Business Owners, have released this amazing infographic detailing the current state of American female entrepreneurship. A survey was distributed to all their members, and overall it appears as though optimism is up and female business owners exp
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Small Business Employment Grows By Most in a Year

Good news this week from the National Federation of Independent Business — employment in small businesses grew by 0.19 workers/firm in March, the highest its been in a year. Despite austerity cutbacks and increases in taxes, small businesses have been making great strides in pro
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Get a Merchant Cash Advance

The 10 Biggest Tax Mistakes People Make

An interesting piece popped up on Lifehacker today from a CPA who shared the 10 biggest mistakes people make on their taxes. With tax season in full swing, it’s important to make sure that you don’t fall into these traps. Here were a few choice selections! Taking Inappropr
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Women-Owned Businesses Have Tougher Time Securing Loans Than Male-Owned

A study performed by Biz2Credit this week has highlighted the comparative difficulties women and men face in securing loans for their businesses. Many female entrepreneurs complain that the deck seems stacked against them. The shocking study put numbers to feelings and reveals a stagg
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