Below are some common questions about Principis Capital products and services.

1. How can I qualify for a business cash advance? 

  1. You have a business that has been fully operational for at least 12 months, and located in the U.S.
  2. Your business either has monthly deposits averaging at least $15,000 OR processes a minimum of $4,000 per month in credit card transactions.
  3. You can provide at least four (4) months of business bank account statements.  If you would like an advance based solely on credit card sales, you will need to provide four (4) months of processing statements.


2. How easy is it to get approved? 

Applications are prequalified within 4 hours and funded within days.  It is a lot faster and easier than a conventional bank loan!

3. How can I speed up my cash advance approval? 

Fax your one-page application and bank statements to us at 866-295-8391 or email them to submissions@principiscapital.com.

4. How does the program work? 

Principis purchases a fixed amount of future receivables from you.  Then, over a period of 6-15 months, a pre-determined percentage is withheld from credit card receipts or deducted from your bank account until Principis has collected the full amount of receivables that it purchased.

5. Is there a fee for providing a business cash advance? 

No, the application is free. Principis Capital does not impose any up-front charges whatsoever.

6. Will bad credit affect my cash advance request?

No, it is not necessary for you to have good personal credit to receive a business cash advance.  The average FICO score of our clients is under 600.

7. How quickly can I get a business cash advance?

You can obtain your advance as quickly as 3 days after you submit your application, accompanied by the required documents.  If additional documentation is required, it can take 5-7 days.

8. How will I pay back the business cash advance?

Payback is automatically deducted from your bank account or a pre-defined percentage is taken from daily credit card receipts.

9. Is this a loan?

No, this is not a loan. It is a purchase of future receivables.

10. How easy is it to apply again and get another advance?

If there has been no significant change in your financial status, applying for another cash advance from Principis Capital is fast and easy. Usually we can advance you additional funds within 2-3 days of receiving your request.

11. Is the paperwork complicated?

The required paperwork is very simple and takes no more than ten minutes to complete.  Download our one-page application now!  If you have any questions on the application, just call us at 855-794-9678 and our Funding Specialists will be happy to walk you through the process.

12. Can I receive a cash advance from Principis while an advance from another company is still outstanding? 

Yes, but any outstanding cash advances must be repaid from the proceeds of our first advance to you.

13. I have high enough overall sales, but my credit card volume is relatively low. Is there any way I could receive funding? 

Yes. We work to tailor our products to suit our customers’ needs, so just ask us.

14. Can the advance be renewed? 

Applying for another cash advance from Principis Capital is fast and easy.  Please contact Principis Capital Customer Care and one of our dedicated representatives will assist you in initiating the renewal request.

15. Do I have to switch my current credit card processor? 

In most cases, you will be able to remain with your current processor.  We have a lockbox solution that allows merchants to stay with their current processor; alternatively, there is a lookup program that accomplishes the same purpose.

16. Who do I call if I’m having issues processing credit card transactions?

If you’re having issues processing credit card transactions, please first contact your merchant service provider and then contact Principis to let us know that you are having temporary processing problems. Principis will typically put in an estimated daily payment plan to cover the days before the issue is resolved. Please do NOT change your merchant services provider without speaking with Principis first. (see “Can I change my merchant service provider?” below)
17. I have questions about my existing advance, who do I call?

Please contact Principis Capital Customer Care Department at 1-855-795-4575 for help with your existing advance or for information regarding your previous Principis Capital advances. Our Customer Care professionals can provide assistance with your requests. Contact us today.

18. Can I change or close my business checking account?

If you need to change your business bank account, please contact Principis Capital before doing so. Since Principis Capital retrieves a percentage of your credit card receivables from your business bank account, it is important that we are notified of any bank account changes in advance. This is to ensure that your account remains in good standing after the change is made.

19. What do I do if my business will be temporarily closed?

It is our goal to ensure your account remains in good standing. We need to be notified of any changes to your business that would impact it from operating normally – for example, a temporary closure, relocation, family emergency, or renovation.  Please contact Principis Capital Customer Care if any of these issues arises.

20. How do I add an additional credit card terminal at my business location?

You must contact the credit card merchant processor if you’d like to add another credit card terminal at your business location. You will need to have your merchant ID handy when you make this call. Your new terminal must be set up under the existing merchant ID. Please contact Principis Capital Customer Care Department if you have any questions about adding credit card terminals.

21. What if I want to sell my business?

If you plan to sell your business please contact Principis Capital Customer care before doing so.  Your contract with Principis prohibits you from selling the business or any significant assets of the business without paying the advance in full out of the proceeds.

22. What if I want to move my business to a new location?

If you would like to move to a new location, you will need to put a temporary (bridge) payment plan in place with Principis during any period when the business is temporarily closed.   Please contact our Customer Care team in advance of such a move.

23. Can I change my Merchant Service Provider?

At the inception of your cash advance you entered into an agreement with Principis Capital and your merchant service provider. To ensure that you do not violate this contract, you should not change your merchant service provider. If you have issues with the merchant service provider please call Principis Capital Customer Care Department. Many merchant processing issues can be resolved without switching your provider. If the issues cannot be resolved, you will need to have your new merchant service provider approved by Principis before making a change.

24. How and when can I apply to get another advance?

Applying for another cash advance from Principis Capital is fast and easy.  Please contact Principis Capital Customer Care and one of our dedicated representatives will assist you in initiating the renewal request.

25. Can I get additional funding from other companies after I get money from Principis?

Your contract with Principis Capital prohibits you from taking additional funding from other companies without paying the full balance of uncollected receivables to Principis as part of that transaction.  If you are offered additional funds in a “second” position, do not believe anyone who tells you that this is permitted.  This would constitute a breach of contract with Principis Capital.  Usually Principis is able to provide you with additional funding, so check with us first.  If we cannot do so and you decide to get funds from a different source, you must arrange to have your Principis balance paid immediately and directly out of the proceeds of the funds being received.